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Why You Need The Best Attorney For Your Workers Comp Brain Injury Case.

Filing a Workers Comp Brain Injury Claim


You may have heard the old adage, “It is a marathon, not a sprint.” In many ways, this saying explains recovery from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Injury to the brain is one of the most complex health problems to overcome. There are no real quick solutions to these injuries and, in most cases, you can expect to need a lot of time for healing and rehabilitation. So, what if this injury happens at work? Can you file a workers comp brain injury claim?


Workers Comp Brain InjuryBrain injuries are long-term, complex health concerns that affect you for the rest of your life. Few people who experience these injuries recover quickly or to a point that they feel the same as they did before the incident happened. This is why, if your brain injury happened at work, you need to ensure your rights are protected. You also need help to ensure you receive the compensation you need for high medical bills, treatments, medications, rehabilitation, transportation, home adaptations for the disability, lost income and other expenses. The attorneys at Kesh Law are your workplace brain injury experts, ready to help you get the benefits you need for recovery and stability. Before filing your workers comp brain injury claim, call Kesh Law today at (818)639-3955.

What is a workers comp brain injury claim?


Unfortunately, brain injuries are not uncommon in the workplace. The most common causes of these severe and life-changing injuries are motor vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall accidents. Like any injury experienced at work, a on-the-job brain injury is covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. This means you may be able to receive short- or long-term financial benefits to aid your recovery and cover expenses like medical care.


Really, anyone can suffer a workplace injury. This is even true for a traumatic brain injury. But these accidents are more common in certain fields, such as construction, utility work, transportation and professional sports. Falls causing traumatic brain injuries are most common from scaffolding, stairways, ladders or construction site lifts like scissors, boom or mast lifts.


Of course, after a head injury occurs, you are less concerned about how it happened and more concerned about how you will maintain income and employment going forward. Most people also experience a wave of panic over paying for the medical and rehabilitation costs associated with these types of injuries. Will your bills pile up? How will you afford daily living costs for your family? These are all concerns that Kesh Law workers’ compensation lawyers understand. They also clarify why it is so important that you have the help and support of experienced workers comp brain injury lawyers when filing your claim.


Does filing a workers comp brain injury claim end your career?


If you suffer a brain injury at work, it is easy to feel stressed by filing a workers comp brain injury claim. You wonder, can my employer retaliate against me for this filing? Will it cause problems for my employer? Will no one want to hire me again? Will I lose my job because of my claim?


It is easy to get stressed with so many questions about workers’ compensation. But you need peace of mind at this critical time. Kesh Law attorneys want to fully explain the workers’ compensation processes, limitations, timelines and benefits to you to help you make informed decisions. They also want to help you understand all of your options. Having a good workers’ compensation lawyer gives you peace of mind at this nerve-wracking point in your recovery.


Most importantly, you must understand that workers’ compensation is an insurance policy your employer must carry under California law. Like any insurance, it exists to cover actual damages caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as employee brain injury.


Filing a workers comp brain injury claim does NOT:


  • Permit your employer to retaliate against you
  • Cause legal problems for your employer
  • Put your career at risk
  • Allow your employer to fire, demote or lay you off from your work


Workers’ compensation provides financial benefits to support your healthy recovery after injury on-the-job. At the same time, statutes governing workers’ compensation protect your rights as an employee. Your claim will not penalize your employer. Instead, filing a claim helps your employer prevent future incidents and repeated accidents like your own.


Workers Comp Brain InjuryThe outcome of your career after traumatic brain injury depends on your road to recovery and the injury’s effects. You may experience only minimal downtime. Or, you may experience temporary disability or even permanent disability to some degree. Many people recover from TBIs in as little as a few months. Others need a longer term of recovery and rehabilitation. Whatever the course of your treatment and recovery, workers’ compensation helps support you and your family by offsetting many of the expenses of your care. Many people also receive lost income benefits and other types of financial support.


Hurdles of Brain Injury Recovery


Your doctor is your best resource for fully understanding what hurdles you face in your brain injury recovery. They can also clarify when it is possible for you to go back to work, whether in the same job or one with different duties.


If you suffered a traumatic brain injury at work, effects you might suffer at work in the future include:


  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Poor coordination
  • Vision changes
  • Headaches
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Communication difficulties


Of course, time heals many wounds. Over time, your brain can heal itself to a certain degree. So, it is important to remain hopeful about your future and focus on recovery every day. With the help of your workers comp brain injury claim, you can get the treatments and therapies you need to recuperate. Just remember to seek the counsel of a skilled workers’ compensation brain injury lawyer at Kesh Law to ensure you receive the benefits you need to enable that healthy recovery.


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