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A workplace injury can be something as small as a cut or as big as a laceration or puncture. These types of injuries are more commonly on the hands as fingers can get caught in machines, cut from blades, or cut from knives and tools in the kitchen. However, these types of wounds can be anywhere on the body.


Cuts are typically minor bleeding in the skin and will heal on their own. However, cuts need to be properly cleaned and taken care of to prevent further infection.


Lacerations are deep cuts in the skin that can injure tendons and ligaments as well. Lacerations typically need stitches.

Puncture Wound

A sharp object such as a nail or tack lodged into the skin usually causes a puncture wound. A puncture wound is not normally accompanied by excessive blood. These injuries are more prone to infection.

Secondary Issues

Although these types of injuries may not all result in a major injury, others can cause permanent disability or loss of function.

If a cut, laceration or puncture wound is not treated properly, it can lead to secondary problems such as amputation, infection, and disfigurement. Lacerations can require multiple surgeries and frequent medical care to avoid further injury.


All types of injuries should be immediately reported to a supervisor and documented. Upon reporting, the employer should refer you to a doctor through their workers compensation insurance.

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