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Common Questions Asked

Workers’ compensation Law is a specific field of law that protects workers who have been injured in the workplace. An injured worker is entitled to workers compensation benefits for work-related injuries or illnesses.

You want aggressive legal representation and attorneys who know both sides of the workers compensation landscape.  Kesh Law has experience representing applicants and insurance companies so you will have a significant advantage of working with our firm compared to others.  Kesh Law is very particular on which cases we decide to work on because we ultimately want the best for our potential clients.  With this method, we have the focus and attention on our current clients and don’t rush to work on a volume basis such as other firms.

Nothing is ever paid up front to Kesh Law.  The very first step is to analyze your case and decide the complexity of your claim.  We only get paid when we win for you.  Our awarded percentage is generally 15% of the settlement proceeds.

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the complexity of your case and the turn times of the process.  Some cases could be closed in a matter of a few short months but generally take over a year.

Contact us and we will be able to assist determining this quickly.  Keep in mind, there is no charge for your consultation with Kesh Law.

Mainly, Insurance companies that cover an employer pay for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Sometimes, an injured worker can see state disability benefits if the claim is denied by the insurance company.

Yes, an injured work can self-represent but since the litigation process is so complex, involving many nuances, resolving a claim takes much longer than normal. Also, access to benefits may be delayed due to little to no knowledge about the law and your rights. Hiring a workers compensation attorney can ease the litigation process tremendously.

Make sure you report your injury immediately once you are injured to a supervisor. Also, you may request medical treatment from your employer. In addition, make sure you complete a workers’ compensation claim form and return it to your employer.

You should report your injury as soon as you have knowledge that your injury was caused by work. An injury should be reported to a direct manager or supervisor immediately.

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