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Workers Compensation AttorneyGetting injured on the job isn’t anything one could prepare for. It’s abrupt, disturbing, stressful, and potentially life altering. Kesh Law understands the importance and intricate details of the workers compensation system. We are a tenacious Law Firm based in Southern California and we want to help you obtain the workers’ compensation you deserve. Kesh Law is here to protect injured workers rights and help navigate the stressful workers compensation process.

We advocate for our clients tirelessly to obtain the highest dollar value for each person. We will strive to get you the most compensation available and we do this by bringing our extensive experience to your specific case. Our firm is available to answer your specific questions and guide you through the initial process. With an experienced staff who is geared and ready to take on your case, you will be very happy you chose us to represent you.

Kesh Law has vast experience working for large insurance companies in addition to individual workers.  We have experience with both sides which is crucial to the success of your claim. There is no greater reward than helping our clients through this difficult process and succeeding time and time again. If you want to inquire about filing a workers compensation claim, please call us today (818)639-3955 or contact us on our website. We will provide a no cost consultation and give you a full analysis of the options available to you.  

Kesh Law is conveniently located in Burbank, Tujunga and Pacoima California which is a short 20 minute drive from LAX or other major Southern California cities.  Please contact us to make arrangements for your appointment as we are happy to assist.

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