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How Can the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me Help Determine Fault in My Case?

If you have recently experienced a motorcycle accident in or near Los Angeles, you likely have many questions and concerns about your case. Filing a claim is not easy and requires advanced skill, knowledge and experience to achieve the insurance settlement you need. Having a top quality lawyer makes your claim much easier and takes much of the stress off your shoulders. To find the right representation, you only need to search for the “best motorcycle lawyer near me.”

Of course, in Los Angeles, one of the top motorcycle accident law firms is Kesh Law. We work hard to help injured victims receive the settlement they deserve. This work starts with gathering evidence in each case to determine who is truly at fault in the accident.

So, you may ask, how can the best motorcycle accident lawyer near me help determine fault in my case? Let’s explore fault in motorcycle accidents to understand how blame often requires skilled investigation beyond “face value.” In fact, the police report and insurance companies often incorrectly presume fault.

Clearing Up Motorcycle Accident Fault

best motorcycle accident lawyer near meMotorcyclists face increased danger on the roads, when compared to drivers and passengers of other types of vehicles. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute reports that motorcycle riders are 27 times more likely to die from accident injuries than people in passenger cars or trucks. But this does not mean that motorcycle riders are always at fault in their accidents. In fact, the opposite is most often true, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In any type of California motor vehicle accident, the law assigns fault as a percentage to each of the involved parties. Together, the combined percentages add up to 100. For example, in an accident between a truck driver and a motorcyclist, one party may hold 20% of the fault. The other will be at 80%. This fault percentage affects the parties’ legal liability for accident damages, too. If you hold 20% of the fault in your crash, this reduces potential financial damages by 20%.

If you suffer injury in your motorcycle accident, you are legally entitled to seek compensation from at-fault parties. Their insurance company typically covers the cost of this liability. If they do not have adequate insurance or any coverage at all, there are still other avenues for your “best motorcycle accident lawyer near me” to pursue compensation for you.

Top Motorcycle Accident Causes

There are almost unlimited ways motorcycle accidents can occur. But the most common causes of these tragic accidents include:

  • Head-on collisions with other vehicles, with these accidents often causing fatal injuries
  • Left turn accidents, frequently occurring because the other driver does not see the motorcycle
  • Lane-splitting, when a motorcyclist passes between two lanes of traffic. This frequently takes place when traffic jams or moves slowly during “rush hour”
  • Inexperienced drivers or riders, often as a result of the new driver not watching out for motorcycles and colliding with them
  • Weather or road conditions, with motorcyclists being more vulnerable because they have less protection

In some of these types of accidents, the motorcyclist is often at fault. This is typically the case for lane-splitting. But in other accidents listed here, such as head-on collisions, left turn accidents and inexperienced driver crashes, the driver of the other vehicle often holds the majority of the blame. The law determines fault on a case-by-case basis, considering all factors leading to the accident and individual parties’ actions.

Who Else Can Hold Fault in My Motorcycle Accident?

When you search for the “best motorcycle accident lawyer near me,” your attorney gathers evidence from your accident. Quite often, fault initially assigned to individual parties is not the full story of the crash. An experienced lawyer uses expert investigators and other means to determine the true fault in your accident. This can mean that one or more other, often unseen, parties are negligent.

For example, other at-fault parties in your motorcycle accident can include:

  • Motor vehicle manufacturers
  • Parts manufacturers
  • County or state governments
  • Other drivers
  • Pedestrians

Government entities are often at fault in motor vehicle accidents. Examples of this include the entities responsible for road construction, road design and signage or signals. The government is also liable for the crews working as part of road construction. These crews may act with negligence in a manner leading to a motorcycle accident.

Parts and motor vehicle manufacturers are as likely to build defective products as any other type of product manufacturer. But when vehicles malfunction, these break-downs can have catastrophic consequences on the road. Such is the case when faulty tires explode or parts become dislodged from a vehicle.

Without the best motorcycle accident lawyer near me, you might never know of other parties’ fault in your crash. These cases require the skill, experience and diligence of a motorcycle accident lawyer dedicated to uncovering facts for you.

Search for the “Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me”

Your first online experience after your motorcycle crash should be to search “best motorcycle accident lawyer near me.” After all, time is limited for when you can file a motorcycle accident claim. The insurance companies will also start pushing you to settle your claim quickly, typically so they can do so before you hire a lawyer. This means you are vulnerable to a small settlement amount that will not cover your true accident costs.

In Southern California, you can quickly and conveniently schedule a free initial case consultation with Kesh Law. We are the motorcycle accident lawyers for Southern California riders who want to protect their rights and seek the full compensation they deserve. To schedule your free initial case consultation, call Kesh Law now at (818) 639-3955 or fill out our online contact form. We are happy to be your “best motorcycle accident lawyer near me.”

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