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How a Bus Accident Lawyer Los Angeles Fights for You

Being in a bus accident can make you feel powerless in a multitude of ways. In the accident itself, most victims are passengers who do not have control over the vehicle. In almost the same way, being a survivor means not having as much control as you want over your accident claim against powerful insurance companies. You also must focus on your recovery, making it almost impossible to dedicate your full attention to building your case. This is why you need a bus accident lawyer Los Angeles.
bus accident lawyer Los Angeles
Your bus accident lawyer Los Angeles fights for you, standing up against insurance companies and working hard to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Your attorney starts by gathering evidence to support your claim, engaging expert investigators to help where needed. Your lawyer compiles documents as proof for your case. They also communicate with the insurance companies, taking this stress off your shoulders. Finally, your lawyer negotiates the right settlement amount or takes the case to court if that amount is not met.

You cannot achieve the settlement you deserve on your own against insurance companies. But having a bus accident lawyer Los Angeles trusts automatically empowers you against these for-profit corporations. You need an experienced attorney who knows how to fight for an appropriate settlement. If you or a loved one have been in a bus accident, call Kesh Law now to schedule a free initial case consultation.

Unique Aspects of Bus Accidents

Did you know that the different kinds of buses on the roads today also lead to differing case results after an accident? Buses also greatly differ from other passenger vehicles, when it comes to legal processes.

Unique aspects of bus accident claims often not seen in other vehicle accidents include:

  • More potentially liable parties in the accident claim
  • Higher victim counts
  • Greater media attention
  • Disproportionately catastrophic injuries and fatalities
  • Different legal processes for private vs. public bus transportation

Bus passengers are not all the same, either. Some buses transport very young children without more than one or two adults accompanying them. Other buses help commuters get to work. Still others provide tourist transportation for sightseeing, chartered tours or to connect them to airports and other modes of travel. Disabled and aging individuals frequently rely on specially-designed accessible buses for recreation, employment and other needs.

Whatever type of bus you or your loved one traveled in during the accident, a bus accident lawyer Los Angeles will help. Your lawyer develops your claim and gathers evidence according to all of the above unique factors and others specific to your case.

Types of Bus Accidents Around Los Angeles

Around Southern California and within Los Angeles, types of bus accidents include:

  • Public transportation and commuter buses
  • Privately-owned bus lines, such as Greyhound and Megabus
  • School buses
  • Private charter buses
  • Tour buses
  • Airport transportation and hotel shuttles

Like other vehicles, buses can collide with cars, trucks, trains, pedestrians or non-moving objects. Other bus accidents do not involve a collision, at all. Frequently passengers suffer injuries while riding on the bus, getting onto the vehicle or exiting at their destination. Other drivers often crash into buses, neglecting to pay attention to warning signals and other indicators that the bus is stationary. All of these types of cases are skillfully handled by an experienced bus accident lawyer Los Angeles.

Common Causes of Accidents Handled by a Bus Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Causes of bus accidents and injuries include:

  • Driver negligence or error
  • Inadequate driver training
  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving
  • Inadequate maneuvering space
  • Heavy urban traffic
  • Weather conditions
  • Road conditions or road construction
  • Vehicle defects or poor maintenance
  • Improper weight distribution in the bus
  • Blind spots

A bus accident lawyer Los Angeles has seen a multitude of injuries and fatalities caused by these accidents. Passengers often lack seat belts, air bags or other protections when these accidents occur. This often leads to debilitating injuries and death. The vehicle’s size, shape and structure also cause complex injuries and difficulties escaping a bus after an accident. Trauma in these cases is not just physical, but mental and emotional, too.

From the list above, you can see how many issues can lead to a bus accident. Different people, companies and entities may be liable in each of these accident types. Your claim might involve fault assigned to the bus driver, bus company, other vehicle drivers, bus mechanic, vehicle or parts manufacturers, government entities or others. A skilled bus accident lawyer Los Angeles works hard to find out who was negligent in your wreck, to then pursue these parties through a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Time and Other Factors in Your Bus Accident Claim

Just as with other types of motor vehicle accidents, time is a factor in your bus accident claim. Your bus accident lawyer Los Angeles will explain the statutes of limitations and how this affects your case. You should never wait to talk to an experienced lawyer after your accident.

Special legal rules sometimes also apply in bus accidents. Government agency liability in your crash is a good example of such a case. If your city, county or state were negligent in a manner that related to your accident, it is critical that your attorney knows what special rules and deadlines apply. At the same time, it is your duty to quickly hire a bus accident lawyer Los Angeles trusts to avoid missing deadlines.

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation with a Skilled Bus Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

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