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101 Freeway Accidents Are Fatally Common

101 freeway accidentThe 101 freeway is a scenic favorite of drivers from around the world. Millions of people arrive in California just to explore the 101 freeway’s popular sights, adding heavy traffic to local residents’ reliance on this national highway system. First built in 1926 and the longest highway in the state, the 101 can take you from Los Angeles to Seattle. Along its ribbon of roadway, you enjoy breathtaking sights ranging from cityscapes to historic scenery, mountain views to seaside settings. But you are also highly likely to pass a 101 freeway accident or, worse yet, experience one.

Unfortunately, when a 101 accident occurs, it is commonly a scene with fatalities. Deaths are particularly common during the tourist-heavy months of May to September, according to recent data.

Here in the L.A. area, residents call the 101 by many names. Specific stretches of the highway are called the Santa Ana Freeway, the Hollywood Freeway, the Ventura Freeway, South Valley Freeway and Bayshore Freeway. The 101 is also called El Camino Real.

If you suffer a 101 freeway accident, consult with an auto accident lawyer before attempting to settle your insurance claim on your own. Insurance companies use many tactics to lead accident victims toward low settlement amounts. This is particularly true when they see you do not have a skilled auto accident lawyer representing you. The 101 accident attorneys of Kesh Law will stand up against the insurance companies for you, getting you the compensation you deserve.

Filing a 101 Freeway Accident Claim

It is never assured that you will receive compensation for your injuries, vehicle damage and other expenses after a Highway 101 accident. Also, if you do not have an auto accident lawyer with a track record of success against insurance companies, the insurance adjuster will try to settle fast and low. This proves why you need a skilled auto accident lawyer to file your 101 freeway accident claim.

Your 101 freeway accident lawyer takes the stress of a claim off of your shoulders. They also gather evidence for your case, bring in specialists to investigate as needed and handle all of the insurance company communications for you. Simply put, your 101 accident lawyer will not let the insurance companies settle for any amount other than what you deserve. If a lawsuit is required to achieve this compensation, your lawyer manages the case and fights aggressively each step of the way.

Do I need medical care after my 101 freeway accident?

After any auto accident, it is important to seek medical care. You should do this even if you do not immediately sense any injuries or feel any pain. It can take several days for soft tissue injuries to appear. It is also possible that you have more serious internal injuries that you do not recognize. Visiting a medical professional is very important for your 101 freeway accident claim, too.

Medical care is an expense that your 101 accident claim will cover. Any medical attention you receive after your crash will also form a significant part of your legal case. It is important to document all of this treatment and keep your receipts. Your accident lawyer needs these documents, along with your accident’s police report. Not visiting a doctor or not calling police after your accident can hinder your insurance claim.

What should I do on the scene of my 101 freeway accident?

While you are on the accident scene, it is important to gather some evidence if you are not seriously injured. Use your smartphone to take many photos and videos from multiple angles. Document vehicle damage, debris on the roadway, skid marks, freeway signs, construction zones and other aspects of your crash.

You should immediately call law enforcement to respond to your 101 freeway accident. You also need to exchange insurance information and contact details with the other drivers. Responding police will also take down this information as part of the police report.

Other Record-Keeping after a Highway 101 Accident

If you suffered injuries in your 101 accident, take photos of the injuries right way. Keep an accident recovery journal to write down everything you remember about how the accident occurred and the emotional and physical injuries you suffered. It is important to take down notes about how the wreck has affected your life, too. These documents and images will help your auto accident lawyer build a solid case.

Besides following these guidelines for what to do, there are also things you should NOT do. These include talking to anyone else about the specifics of your accident, particularly on the crash scene. Answer police questions clearly and honestly. But do not discuss the specifics on social media or elsewhere. You need to protect your case and insurance companies often go to incredible lengths to reduce settlements.

Common Reasons Why a Highway 101 Accident Occurs

Your lawyer will help you understand why your highway 101 accident occurred. They obtain answers through their investigations and by reviewing documents you provide, such as the police report, photos and medical records. But below are some of the most common reasons why a 101 freeway accident happens:

  • Speeding
  • Highway defects, inadequate signage or inadequate markings
  • Low visibility conditions
  • Drunk or drugged drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Truck equipment failures or negligence

These are just some of the issues that can cause a 101 freeway accident. But without a skilled accident attorney’s help, you may assume the fault is yours. Your lawyer gathers the evidence required to prove the accident’s cause and stand up to insurance companies.

Call Kesh Law after Your Hwy 101 Accident

There are so many things to consider about your highway 101 accident before attempting to settle with the insurance companies. You need a skilled lawyer’s help in preparing your claim, gathering evidence and communicating with the insurance adjustors. If you have suffered an accident on the 101 freeway, call Kesh Law now at (818) 639-3955 or fill out our quick online form for a free initial consultation. Let Kesh Law fight aggressively for the compensation you are owed, so you can focus on recovery.

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