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How To Maximize Your Workers Comp Head Injury Settlements

Workers comp head injury settlements tend to usually settle at a higher value than your average workers compensation case as they can have long lasting implications. An injured worker with a head injury claim is entitled to the same benefits as any other workers compensation injury. These benefits include permanent disability, temporary disability, job displacement voucher, and future medical care (see What is Permanent and Stationary Defined from a Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer for an explanation of these benefits) However, it is imperative to hire a traumatic brain injury or TBI attorney to handle your head injury claim to maximize the head injury compensation payouts.




A traumatic brain injury is the result of a penetrating injury or a bump or blow to the head. A traumatic brain injury often results from a motor vehicle accident, a long fall, an assault with a fire-arm, and more.

To qualify as a workers compensation injury, the TBI must have occurred within the course and scope of employment. Common workplace injuries include a fall off a ladder while at a construction site hitting your head, head injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, or a blow to the head by an object at work. If you are unsure if your injury occurred while at work, i.e. you were driving to another location when the injury occured, contact Kesh Law for a free case evaluation.

There are three main types of head injuries including mild TBI or concussion, moderate TBI and severe TBI.

A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury. Although a concussion may not seem serious, in some cases, they may be life threatening and require medical attention. It is important to not take your injury lightly if you begin experiencing even mild symptoms. You may develop post-concussion syndrome from the lingering symptoms of a concussion. Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome include dizziness, headaches, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, loss of concentration and memory, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and ringing of the ears. It is often difficult to diagnose post-concussion syndrome as the symptoms are vague.

A moderate and severe TBI victim needs ongoing care to recover from their injury as they have long-term implications and may even result in death. It is more readily diagnosable as the symptoms are more obvious. The symptoms may be more severe such as repeated nausea and vomiting, slurred speech, draining of clear fluid from the nose and ears, loss of coordination, confusion, emotional difficulties, headache that worsens, seizures, and more.




It is important to report your injury to your employer as you would any injury. Also, it is important to seek medical attention if you are having symptoms after your injury. Depending on the symptoms, you may not be able to wait for your employer to refer you to their insurance clinic. It may be appropriate to go to a hospital and seek immediate attention on your own.




A workers compensation attorney will ease the headache of paperwork and will seek to maximize your benefits as they are familiar with the labor code and its many nuances.

Also, a workers compensation attorney will direct you to the best medical doctors to treat your head injury. Our firm has the experience and skills to fight for you and to maximize your benefits.

With many years of experience and skill on our side at Kesh Law, we are ready to fight for you for fair compensation.




Each person’s head injury claim is so different and affected by various factors such as wages and severity of injury, thus, it is impossible to tell what your head injury compensation payout will be without specific facts.

The team at Kesh Law is ready to fight for you. Contact your local Los Angeles brain injury attorney, Kesh Law, for a free case evaluation.

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