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Will You Win Your Worker’s Compensation Case?


OrderIf you are someone who has been injured at the workplace and are currently wondering whether you are entitled to Worker’s Compensation benefits, you are not alone. Every year, thousands of American workers get injured at the workplace and apply for Workers Compensation benefits. So what are the odds of winning a workers comp case? This blog tells all.


The Statistics

The vast majority of Worker’s Compensation cases result in benefits. The chances of you winning your case are high. A very small percentage of cases go to trial. The number of benefits obtained varies significantly based on the severity of the injury. Regardless, it is important that an injured worker has the correct guidance throughout the process as the law is very complex and constantly changing.

Getting Legal Representation Is An Excellent Idea

Your odds of winning a workers comp case increase when you obtain legal representation. A Workers Compensation attorney can help an injured worker maximize benefits as they are well-versed in the nuances of Workers’ compensation law.


Obtaining a specialist Worker’s Compensation attorney is a step in the right direction. Without an attorney, you may experience the following issues when filing your claim:

  • Your employer will find it easy to dismiss your claim if you do not have an attorney as you may have named the wrong defendant/insurance carrier. When a carrier denies liability, they usually try to join the correct carrier but sometimes this process is not so easy and can take a long time if you do not have an attorney to facilitate the process.
  • You will be expert legal advice on how to maximize your compensation for your injuries. Additionally, your attorney refer you to the correct doctors to treat with as well as strategize on when to cross-examine a doctor whose reporting is not favorable to your claim.
  • You will have help regarding what kind of documents you need to fight your case.
  • Your attorney will zealously represent you while you are recovering from your injury.


Getting Maximum Compensation Is A Must

No matter how minor or severe your injuries may be, it is important to obtain maximum compensation. A layperson will not be familiar with calculating the cost of the injury as the calculation is complex and must be adjusted for age and occupation. Additionally, the cost of future medical care must be calculated based on life expectancy. The cost of future medical care can vary significantly depending on the severity of the injury. Once an injured worker becomes medicare or social security recipient, the calculation of future medical care becomes more complex and will need a vendor to calculate benefits that should be set aside for future medical care. These calculations are done carefully so that a worker is not left with medical bills to deplete their finances.


Compensation will also be paid for loss of wages for the time that you were disabled and home from work. Additionally, if are forced to leave your job due to no accommodation of work, a supplemental job displacement voucher will be issued to you to assist in obtaining the training and skills necessary to get a new job within your work restrictions.

All in all, your injuries may go away, but the effects may last you a long time. Thus, you will require the maximum compensation to deal with it all.

Increase The Winning Odds

The odds of winning a workers comp case will increase if you remember the following:

Hire a great attorney who is comfortable with Worker’s Compensation and the vast field it is. The professional should have knowledge and experience in this particular branch of law to really be of help to you.

Report your work injury to a supervisor at work.


Get your doctor to write you a certificate of the injuries you have sustained because of the accident at the workplace. This should be detailed to contain a description of all the injuries as well as the kind of time that will be required for treatment.

You will also have to write a full description of how the accident happened including the names of people who were there. Having eyewitnesses who can attest to the happenings is also great. Collect all documents carefully.

To Wrap It Up

At Kesh Law, we are the professional legal experts you need to increase your chances of winning the Worker’s Compensation case. Get in touch with us at our website today.


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