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5 Important Steps to Take When You Have Been in a Car Accident

Here Are 5 Important Steps to take when you have been in a car accident

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If you are searching the web for a “car accident lawyer near me,” odds are you had an auto accident. In the next few days, you will undoubtedly experience some flashbacks of the sights, sounds and emotions of your crash. You will also probably challenge your pre-accident actions with “what if” scenarios. Then, you have a multitude of things to handle after the wreck, such as medical care, unexpected costs, personal inconveniences and your decision to seek legal help. If you are at your accident scene and just frantically searched the web for what to do now, the lawyers of Kesh Law can help. In the moments after your wreck, it is important to preserve your safety and rights. We list five steps to take when you have been in a car accident, below, even before you search for a “car accident lawyer near me.”

5 Important Steps to Take When You Have Been in a Car Accident

Obviously, after your auto accident you must immediately call 9-1-1 and check yourself and other involved parties for injuries. Beyond these and while you await the arrival of police and other emergency personnel, what should you do next?

1. Survey and Document the Damage

Almost everyone has a smartphone today. While you await police at the scene, start documenting the collision’s aftermath. Take lots of photographs of the vehicles, roadway, affected vehicles’ positions on the road, involved parties’ license plates, surrounding signage, weather conditions and other environmental factors. If there are skid marks left on the pavement caused by one of the vehicles in the crash, capture images of those. Ensure you also capture specific damage caused by the accident and any parts or debris in the road. You can never take too many photos of the scene and related damage.

2. Document and Photograph Involved Parties

Just like you need photos of the scene of your accident and affected vehicles, you should also document involved people. Take photos of involved parties and injuries without invading their personal space. If someone says they were at fault or they accept blame, take notes about these statements. If you notice anything unusual in terms of behavior, write down these details, too.

3. Collect Insurance Information

Collecting insurance information is essential for your auto accident claim. The information you need to write down includes:
  • Drivers’ names
  • Drivers’ addresses
  • Drivers’ phone numbers
  • Insurance company name
  • Insurance policy number
  • Drivers’ license number
  • License plate numbers
To make the process easier, you may also choose to photograph the drivers’ insurance cards. Be sure to take pictures of both sides of each card. As mentioned in step one, above, you also need to note or photograph license plate numbers. Once you finish writing down contact information for involved parties, ask witnesses if you can have their names and contact information. All of this information and associated photos you take at the scene will prove critical for your case when you call a “car accident lawyer near me.”

4. Do NOT Admit Fault

It is very important that you do not ever mention being at fault in the accident or accept blame for it, especially at the scene. Watch what you say and avoid speaking to other drivers about the crash, except to collect their personal information and insurance data. Do not speculate about causes or even blame others for their part. Saying too much or the wrong thing can hinder your car accident claim. It is best to leave communications about the accident to your attorney, the one found by searching for a “car accident lawyer near me.”

5. Call a Personal Injury Attorney Right Away

Whether at the scene while awaiting police or post-accident in the privacy of your own home, it is important to call a personal injury lawyer. Simply search “car accident lawyer near me” on the Internet or call the experienced auto accident lawyers of Kesh Law at (818)639-3955. Your personal injury lawyer will guide you through the process associated with filing an auto accident claim. He or she will advise you of other steps you should follow next, such as seeking medical care and keeping records for your claim. The lawyer files the necessary paperwork with the insurance companies and keeps up with the deadlines and other details, so you can focus on recovering from your auto accident. After your accident, it is important to call a Southern California “car accident lawyer near me.” They know how to work with insurance companies to achieve the highest possible financial settlement for your injuries and other damages. You cannot achieve the same results alone. Personal injury lawyers also know how to assess the long-term effects of your injuries and how much they will cost you throughout your lifetime, not just today or tomorrow. All of these details and the claims process as a whole are a huge undertaking for a lay person faced with the aftermath of a crash. A car accident lawyer provides a free initial consultation to help you understand how they can help you. Let the highly experienced car accident lawyers of Kesh Law navigate the claims process for you. We will help you achieve the highest possible settlement for your injuries and other damages. If you seek a “car accident lawyer near me” in Southern California, you have found us. Call Kesh Law at (818)639-3955 or complete our online inquiry form for a prompt reply.

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